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Better Health Partnership's
2021 Virtual Learning Collaborative
Friday, November 12, 2021 :: 8:30 PM - 12:30 PM
Topics included:
  • Woodhill CHOICE Neighborhood Transformation
  • Cardi-OH Updates
  • BHP Regional Program Overview
  • Climate Change and Health — NEO Health System Collaboration
  • Strategies for Reducing Disparities in Adult Chronic Disease
  • Gold Star Practices Celebration!

> Download Learning Collaborative Agenda

Achieving equitable health outcomes in communities is a monumental challenge that must be embraced by all sectors aligned on mission and goals and supported by dedicated funding and resources. No one organization or sector can close the great divide on health equity alone. Better Health's partners understand the value of collaboration and keeping true to a future vision for achieving exceptional health value and eradicating disparities in the communities they serve.

Better Health's 2021 virtual learning collaborative forges unions with purpose and commitment to initiatives designed to help all cultures change the trajectory on the future state of health and create a profmising, bright path ahead for people to thrive. Please join us on November 12th to learn more about the initiatives happening in Northeast Ohio bringing new hope and equity-centered best practices for sharing across all stakeholders. Collaboration provides the lifeline for advancing health equity even in pandemic times!
Speakers included:

Shari Bolen, MD, MPH
Director, Population Health Research Institute
Co-PI, Ohio Cardiovascular and Diabetes
Health Collaborative (Cardi-OH)

CWRU at The MetroHealth System

Jodi Cunningham, PhD
Director of Health and Housing
The Community Builders

Kimalon Dixon, MBA
Senior Project Director
Cleveland Purpose Built Communities
A partnership of the Cleveland Foundation and Saint Luke's Foundation

Donald Ford, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Better Health Partnership
Department Chair, Family Medicine
The Cleveland Clinic

Rita Horwitz

President & CEO
Better Health Partnership

Claude Jones, DO, MPH, MSc

President & Chief Executive Officer
Care Alliance Health Center

Carol Kaschube

Member Relations & Business Manager
Better Health Partnership
  Miss Marilyn Burns
Community Leader Advocate
Community Resident

James Misak, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Institute for H.O.P.E.™
The MetroHealth System

Chris Mundorf MPH, PhD

Director Data Analytics & Reporting
Better Health Partnership

Sarah O’Keeffe, MBA, EcoDistricts AP

Director, Sustainability
The MetroHealth System

Ashwini Sehgal, MD

Director of Research and Evaluation,
Institute for H.O.P.E.™
Co-Director, Center for Reducing
Health Disparities
The MetroHealth System

Mamta (Mimi) Singh, MD, MS

Director, Health Professions Education
Evaluation & Research (HPEER)
VA Northeast Ohio Health Care System

Jon Utech, MBA, MPOD

Senior Director Sustainability Strategy
The Cleveland Clinic
Questions? Contact:
Carol Kaschube, Member Relations & Business Manager