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High Blood Pressure Standards
Across the region, our partner health systems have agreed to measure and report to the public about how well they met nationally accepted standards for high blood pressure (also called hypertension) care and how well blood pressure is controlled.
Patients with high blood pressure qualify for reporting by Better Health Partnership if they were above the age of 18, seen at least once for primary care in the most recent one-year reporting period, and at least twice in the past two years, and were not pregnant.

High Blood Pressure Care

High Blood Pressure Care standards describe how well physicians and other health providers do at getting needed care (tests and examinations) for their patients. Overall, we report the percentage of patients that received all three of the important elements of care for high blood pressure described below.
Blood Pressure Checked
Blood pressure measured at every visit
Kidney Function Checked
Yearly blood test to check for kidney damage
Cholesterol Checked
High LDL ("bad") cholesteral raises heart attack risk

High Blood Pressure Control

Blood Pressure Control standard describes how well patients and their physicians, working together, did at managing their blood pressure. Overall, we report the percentage of patients who manage to keep their blood pressure at the goal (described below).
Met Blood Pressure Goal
Blood pressure below 140/90 for most patients, or below 150/90 for patients age 60+ who do not have diabetes.

Patients with high blood pressure reported by Better Health Partnership include all patients who:
  1. have a high blood pressure (technically, hypertension) diagnosis (which is determined by ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes)
  2. are age 18 or older, on the starting date of the reporting period, and
  3. have at least 1 primary care office visit during the 12-month reporting period, and
  4. have at least 2 primary care office visits on different days in the past 2 years, and
  5. were not pregnant during the reporting period.
Our complete specifications for patient eligibility are available to our Members at this link.

If you would like further information about our measures, please contact us by clicking here.