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Data and Reports
Driving improvement with timely, trusted and transparent measurement of health care quality.
Quality data are foundational for Better Health Partnership initiatives. Data provide both a yardstick and a guiding star for improved achievement on nationally accepted standards of quality care and good results.

Twice a year, Better Health’s primary care partners submit data that are drawn from their practice’s electronic health record system. Better Health’s Data Center aggregates, analyzes and publicly reports the scores every six months. Primary care partners have access to a secure Members’ Only portal that provides detailed information on their achievement.

Measuring What Matters

There’s a saying attributed to Deming: “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” Our growing network is committed to public reporting, because they know that timely and trusted information is the foundation for transformative change in health care.

How we put the data to work

  • Who doesn’t want to be the best? Publishing the data motivates improvement, and timeliness of the reports make them actionable.

  • We celebrate improvement. We cheer outstanding achievement and improvement with our Gold Star program, which includes public recognition and certificates ready for hanging in practices’ waiting rooms.

  • We interpret the data. Our team conducts intensive analyses to:
    • Uncover best practices that underlay exceptional achievement. We disseminate replicable practices across the community to speed improvement.

    • Update the region on important community-wide health challenges, including obesity and smoking rates.

    • We shine a light on achievement gaps across patient subgroups, such as race/ethnicity, type of insurance coverage, income, education and neighborhood.

  • We act on the data – and help our partners act.
    • We launch initiatives, such as our program to increase rates of good control of high blood pressure among African-American patients.

    • We provide consulting and coaching to practices on their improvement projects.

    • We offer oversight and approval of physicians’ Maintenance of Certification Part IV projects, which often use Better Health data.