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Elevating Children's Health :: 2-Part Series
Part 2: Mobilizing Lead Safe Strategies for Children
September 22, 2021 :: 12:00 PM - 1:00PM
Participants will be able to:
  • Identify collective improvement strategies of the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition to address lead poisoning in the community
  • Describe the many ways the Lead Safe Resource Center may be used for the community's lead poisoning prevention efforts
  • Explain how lead testing and referrals for early intervention help mitigate the negative effects of lead poisoning for children at risk for lead exposure
  • Describe how healthcare providers are innovating to find best practices to help close gaps in lead testing and follow up care

No child should ever be poisoned by lead since lead exposure is completely preventable. According to a 12/7/20 report, in 2019, 2% of Ohio children tested had high lead levels, and that number jumped to nearly 6% in Cuyahoga County and in Cleveland it is even higher at 8.6%.

The Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition is a public-private partnership formed to address the issue of lead poisoning in our community. The coalition is made up of over 400 members, 120 organizations, state and local government, and families impacted by lead. Speakers for this webinar will provide an overview of the coalition's mitigation strategies, including available education and resources, along with regional efforts for improving lead testing rates and follow up referrals for children who may be at high risk for lead exposure.

Please join us for this informative webinar and learn how Better Health Partnership's Children's Health Initiative, led by Northeast Ohio's primary care and health and human service providers are contributing to this important effort to elevate children's health in our community.
Speakers include:
Wyonette Cheairs, Senior Program Officer, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Donald Ford, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Better Health Partnership
Chris Mundorf, MPH, PhD, Director, Data Analytics and Reporting, Better Health Partnership
Chantal Tademy, Senior Director for People, Operations & Culture, Environmental Health Watch Lead Safe Resource Center
Matthew Tien, MD, Co-chair MetroHealth Lead Coalition, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, CWRU SOM, The MetroHealth System
Questions? Contact:
Carol Kaschube, Member Relations & Business Manager