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Clinical care in a doctor’s office is just one of the factors that influence good health. Health behaviors, genetics, social and economic factors and environment comprise the bulk of the impact on health.

Better Health Partnership supports the integration of aligned community, clinical and public health-based strategies to prevent chronic disease and improve its management. Key partnerships in the community are driving our work forward.

Our work in supporting policies and programs that advance health extends across the region and the state.

We are leaders in identifying disparities in health care and outcomes, the first step to finding solutions.

Focusing on Disparities

Achieving equitable health for all patients is a persistent challenge across the country. The burden of poor health affects our community and our economy, in addition to individuals and their families.

Creating Population Health Strategies

We lead efforts to track regional progress in addressing important public health issues, such as rates of obesity and smoking, and highlight variations in care and outcomes.
  • We serve as the "anchor" organization for the chronic disease priority of the Health Improvement Partnership – Cuyahoga (HIP-C), one of four HIP-C priorities in play to advance better health for all Cuyahoga County residents. Programs focus on reducing the high incidence and high cost of chronic disease by promoting access to effective care and resources for those living with chronic disease.

  • Better Health’s work to improve control of high blood pressure aligns with HIP-C’s chronic disease objectives. We are facilitating adoption of a best practice to improve control of high blood pressure at nine clinics that serve vulnerable populations, an effort supported in part by a federal grant to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

  • Our data and reports provide timely information on inequalities in health care and outcomes across race, place, insurance, and income and education levels –- and on key community-wide health challenges, namely obesity and smoking rates.

  • Policy changes at the state level promise to reshape health care delivery and payment. Better Health has been playing an advisory role in federally funded efforts of the Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Office of Health Transformation to blanket the state with patient-centered primary care and value-based purchasing.