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About the HUB
Meet Our HUB Staff

Marie Velez, MPA
Pathways HUB Supervisor
phone: (216) 778-8587

Alvonta’ Jenkins
Program Specialist
phone: (216) 778-2731

Jonathan Lever, MPH, NRP
Program Director
phone: (216) 778-2320

Why connect?
Finding your way in the health system can be hard. When you join the HUB, you get a partner to help – a Community Health Worker who can guide the way. The Better Health Pathways HUB is a new service to help you and your family navigate a path to better health.
All at NO COST to you!

What help can I get?
  • Get connected to health insurance, medications, food, housing, transportation, utilities and more
  • Go to health care providers for prenatal care and help you better manage your physical and behavioral health conditions
  • Manage stress and quit smoking
  • Connect to education and employment resources
  • Prepare for your baby's birth with medical care, social services and other support throughout your pregnancy to ensure a safe birth for you and your baby.
How does it work?
Community Health Workers are trained and employed by care coordination agencies to help you meet your health, social and economic needs. He or she often lives in the neighborhood they serve and can help you take charge of your health and life.