Depression is a type of mood disorder in which feeling down, unhappy or miserable take over your everyday life for long periods of time. Depression can happen for many different reasons, such as alcohol/drug abuse, sleeping problems, medical conditions, medications, or stressful life events and experiences that often are combined with chemical changes in the brain.

Stressful life events can include:
  • Divorce/break up

  • Death/illness of a family member or friend

  • Abuse

  • Job loss

  • Failing in school

  • Social loneliness
Depression Statistics
  • Nearly 20 million Americans suffer from depression each year

  • Depression affects 1 in 10 U.S. adults

  • More than 80% of people with depression can be treated
Who is at higher risk for depression?
  • Adults aged 45-64 years old

  • Women

  • African Americans and Hispanics

  • Previously married individuals

  • People who have less than a high school education

  • People who are unemployed

  • People without health insurance