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Pamela B. Davis, Dean of School of Medicine and Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs at Case Western Reserve University honored Dr. Randall D. Cebul’s contributions in creating and leading Better Health Partnership for 10 years.

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It was a handful of primary care leaders who came together in 2007 to collaborate to improve primary care to deliver better health at lower costs. At the lead was Randall D. Cebul, MD, and the energy and excitement he reliably brings to new opportunities to promote equitable health.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation had created Aligning Forces for Quality, sounding a clarion call to providers, health plans and employers: work together to improve care, affordability and health of patients with common and costly conditions. Along with regional funders and other partners, the program set Northeast Ohio on an ambitious course to work together to transform health care in the region.

In our first public report in 2008, Randy rightly claimed the act of forming the collaborative as Better Health's first victory: competing organizations had committed to a common platform of transparency and consensus-driven action in service of better health across diverse communities.

In the 10 years that followed, arguably one of the most dynamic periods of change in health care delivery and finance, Better Health Partnership has documented meaningful impact of collective efforts on health care delivery, cost and policy for patients across the socioeconomic spectrum. With this and previous reports to the community, we see the "rising tide lifts all boats" axiom at work.

Thank you, Randy.